Touch Tec Gloves

High Fashion

Dorothy Gaspar introduced a line of TouchTec-enabled gloves in her fall 2009 line. These high-end fashion gloves come in a variety of styles from simple black leather driving gloves to radical handwoven checkerboard patterns. Each features soft cashmere lining and hand-sewn detailing. These gloves are truly unique.

Everyday Fashion & Cold Weather

Everyday Fashion & Cold Weather

Keep your hands warm when you’re out in the cold and using your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch without taking your gloves off – it's possible with TouchTec-enabled gloves. You can even use the mouse pad on your favorite laptop computer. Try doing that with normal gloves on.

Biking with TouchTec Gloves

Biking | Fitness

Forget the inconvenience of taking off your gloves to use your iPod when you're out for a run or a ride. What’s your favorite sport?

Driving with TouchTec Gloves


Keep your attention on the road and not on trying to take one of yours gloves off to answer an incoming call on your iPhone – who wants to take off their gloves just to answer a phone call or change tracks? TouchTec-enabled driving gloves are the answer.


Uniformed Services

If you wear gloves all day for your line of work, do you want to have to take your gloves to answer a call, use an ATM, etc. – what a pain! Not with TouchTec-enabled gloves – drivers, riders and contractors can now keep their gloves on with TouchTec.