TouchTecTM is a revolution in gloves & textiles

Our patent-pending nanotechnology is uniquely designed and engineered into the textiles. Through the use of special patented equipment, treatments and processes, gloves which are TouchTec enabled can be designed to work throughout the entire glove, not limiting the wearer to what part of their hand or which finger they want to use to navigate a touch screen. Many types of textiles can TouchTec enabled, including woven and knit fabrics and leather. The current glove styles engineered with TouchTec work flawlessly with all types of touch screens. The gloves fit like a glove should, are warm, soft, waterproof, soil and stain resistant, windproof, anti-microbial.

About the Inventor

TouchTec Process

TouchTecís inventor, Jerry Leto, has been inventing and innovating since the age of 5. Jerry started volunteering his time and creativity in early 2001, working with disabled persons at Stanford University. His first work was specialized in tablet and touch screen technology interfaces for the quadriplegic. He dedicated his time and creativity, creating simple, yet effective and unique ways to "enable" them to interact with modern technology.

The original idea for gloves that work with touch screens came up in 2004 while snowboarding and being unable to operate his iPod with his gloves on. In early 2008, after being unable to use his iPhone, certain ATM's and Gas Station pumps with his motorcycle gloves on, he decided it was time to create a solution and not wait for a better screen technology. After a great deal of research on the inner workings of the new touch screen technology and how the human body interacts with them, he decided what was needed was to take a more holistic approach - one that only a nanotechnology could provide. After successfully creating leather motorcycle gloves that allowed him to interact with his iPhone, as easily as his bare hand, he soon realized this solution could be used in a wide variety of textiles and glove designs.

He found hundreds of thousands of posts and blogs online mentioning frustration with this same issue. He also read blogs complaining that the current solutions on the market offered limited functionality, unattractive glove designs and functionality that would wear out in a short period of time. Some blogs mentioned that metal dots and other materials were actually scratching and damaging the screens. Jerry's goal was to create textiles with no visible or tactile difference to the wearer, would not damage the screen's surface, yet could be fashioned into a glove and work on any type of touch screen. Jerry's vision was to allow glove designers to make any style of glove from high fashion gloves, to motorcycle gloves and everything in between, with no limitations.

He teamed up with the renowned glove designer, Dorothy Gaspar, and the two set out to show the world that even a combination of high fashion and function was possible using these new engineered textiles. The high fashion glove designs by Gaspar premiered at the 2009 Fall Fashion Week in New York City and the response from the major fashion magazines and online media was tremendous. The textiles are currently being offered for sale by Broleco Worldwide, Inc. to select glove designers and manufacturers who share Jerry's vision of creating high quality gloves that are designed to look great, "fit like a glove," and allow the wearer of the glove to interact with a touch screen as if they had no gloves on at all.